25 Best Albums Of The 80s! According to Ultimate Guitar

I found this story this morning and it really caught my attention. “25 of the Best Albums of the ’80’s

The list coming from Ultimate Guitar, here are all 25 albums:

1.  “Master of Puppets”Metallica, 1986

2.  “Appetite for Destruction”Guns N’ Roses, 1987

3.  “Back in Black”AC/DC, 1980

4.  “The Number of the Beast”Iron Maiden, 1982

5.  “Moving Pictures”Rush, 1981

6.  “Blizzard of Ozz”Ozzy Osbourne, 1981

7.  “Thriller”Michael Jackson, 1982

8.  “Purple Rain”Prince, 1984

9.  “Brothers in Arms”Dire Straits, 1985

10.  “1984”Van Halen, 1984

11.  “Peace Sells . . . But Who’s Buying?”Megadeth, 1986

12.  “Ace of Spades”Motorhead, 1980

13.  “Reign in Blood”Slayer, 1986

14.  “Heaven and Hell”Black Sabbath, 1980

15.  “Texas Flood”Stevie Ray Vaughan, 1983

16.  “The Real Thing”Faith No More, 1989

17.  “Synchronicity”The Police, 1983

18.  “Screaming for Vengeance”Judas Priest, 1982

19.  “Operation: Mindcrime”Queensryche, 1988

20.  “Bleach”Nirvana, 1989

21.  “Fire of Unknown Origin”Blue Oyster Cult, 1981

22.  “Discipline”King Crimson, 1981

23.  “Pretty Hate Machine”Nine Inch Nails, 1989

24.  “Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 2”Helloween, 1988

25.  “So”Peter Gabriel, 1986


Looking at the list, there are SEVERAL on here that I absolutely agree with. And here they are:

  • Master of Puppets – Metallica: I love this album. I grew up in a very Rock heavy family and this album is one of the (many) soundtracks of my childhood.

  • Back In Black – AC/DC: One of (if not the) most iconic albums from AC/DC. In my high school marching band, we actually played Back In Black one year, so this really hits home with me.

  • Thriller – Michael Jackson: Until just a year or two ago, this was THE BEST selling album of all time. It would be patently stupid to leave this off the list. Plus, c’mon… it’s a great album!

  • Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits: While I have friends who are absolutely DONE with Dire Straits, I still like ’em. And this is actually one of the albums I have in my personal collection at home.

  • The Real Thing – Faith No More: I LOVE this album. To me, this is one of the albums that really set the stage for the evolution of music through the ’90’s.

What do you think of this list? What’s missing? Email me Cam@wvmix.com!


This posting is an opinion piece based on another posting on another website. Full list and original article found here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/articles/features/friday_top_25_best_albums_of_the_80s-117512?fbclid=IwAR3S-0wrFJ7qZ9siu1xkX5zBZx7qft9ZH5YHScJqsduEzVNXuuXx6WtOhn0